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Motorhome Sale by Consignment

From: Andrew…
Sent: Wednesday, 5 August 2020 6:39 PM
Subject: RE: motorhome – Esperance Premium


Firstly, many thanks, I received the proceeds as cleared funds in my account this afternoon, together with notification of the transfer.

Whilst this ‘might’ be my last dealing with the Australian Motorhome team, it is but one further confirmation of the great customer experience I have always had in dealing with AMH. Firstly as a prospect, looking to upgrade my original 2002 Freeway, then over the past 7 years, buying, servicing and finally, the painless process of selling my Motorhome on consignment.

One of the key features of dealing with AMH over a period of some 16 years is that most of the key faces are the same. Whilst the reality is that AMH is a ‘for profit’ business, when dealing with different areas from sales, spares, service or reception, I’ve always felt that I was a favourite family member returning after an absence. That is a fairly rare but very much appreciated aspect for any high volume business.

Please accept my sincere thanks for our recently completed dealings. Also, please ensure that Anthony and his Service Team as well as the team in spares and reception are aware of their consistently positive contribution to the Australian Motorhomes customer experience.

Finally, I hope to hear that you have managed to undertake your motorbike trek through the Himilayas before you become too frail to control the bike. Stay safe, keep well and enjoy life, however challenging it may be.

Warmest regards

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  • Peace of Mind – We eliminate the possible dangers you could face when having total strangers come to you house to view your RV. We also reduce the chance of possible damage to your RV doing test drives with unqualified RV buyers.
  • Professional Sales Team – We offer a professional and experienced team that are solely dedicated to selling the vehicles on display.
  • Excellent Web Exposure – Designed to sell your RV fast! receives a large number of unique visitors per day. Customers come to us from all over looking for new and used RV’s.
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  • Extensive Customer Base – With our massive database and nationwide network, chances are we may already have a buyer for your vehicle.
  • Yard Presentation – We regularly wash and maintain your RV so it presents as best as possible for potential buyers. All vehicles are displayed in a secured lot with excellent exposure and walk in traffic.

What We Require From You

  1. Drivers licence of registered owner
  2. 3 month sale agreement unless negotiated otherwise
  3. Copy of Registration and current Insurance policy

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