Introducing the new Sunliner Habitat; a long-range mixed-terrain touring motorhome for those customers who are planning on taking “big trips” and are travelling full time with the intention of frequent free camping and spending time in National and State Parks.

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Key Habitat Features

The Habitat has been designed to allow for extended stays “off the grid”. With 400ltrs of water, 450w of solar and a 2.9kw generator, the Habitat will comfortably enable owners to “unplug” for 5+ days (based on a average consumption of 75ltrs of water or less per day). The 210ltr extra long-range fuel tank will ensure owners can get to the secret camp spots, and back again.

The Habitat has been built on the Iveco 70c chassis with diff-lock to allow for higher ground clearance and better traction to enable owners to access more remote and desirable free camping sites. It can be used on gazetted roads including unsealed surfaces and low water crossings (not exceeding 500mm).

The Habitat is equipped with both storage capacity and weight capability to allow for owners to carry with them the essentials and the luxuries to make free camping a comfortable experience. Spaces have been designed to ensure that items such as a Waeco 12V fridge, Webber BBQ and water canisters can be stored easily and long items such as fishing rods can be accommodated.

Our research has indicated that travellers (and their families) are becoming increasingly sensitive to issues of security especially when free camping or away from Caravan Parks. The Habitat will be the first of the Sunliner range to focus on providing peace of mind to travellers with a host of security minded features. We believe the Habitat will be the safest Motorhome on the market.

Features include;

A quick evacuation system

270 degree security lights (activated by switch from the inside)

A Dometic security door

Windows positioned at height that makes if difficult to look in from the outside at ground level

Step through to cabin

Lockable water fillers

Lockable generator fuel fillers

UHF radio



Why is the Habitat-1 not a 4WD?
Sunliner looked closely at the development of the Habitat as a 4WD motorhome. After careful assessment it was determined that;

  • The chassis’ available in the Australian market were not big enough to build an RV of the size required by the serious RV touring market, where the Habitat is focused, who require increased capacity for water, fuel and general storage.
  • The re-engineering of furniture and walls etc. to facilitate the rigours of 4WD terrain would increase the cost of production of the vehicle beyond what we projected the touring RV market would tolerate.

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