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Sunliner Motorhome - Pinto P411

Brand new Sunliner Pinto P411 now on display. Spacious front living & dining area with a extremely popular drop down bed design. Full width dry bathroom at the rear, drivable on a standard car license (4490 GVM) built on a Renault Master chassis.

  • Fantastic and well designed drop down bed layout.
  • Spacious front living & dining area.
  • Enjoy the view with a large window above each lounge.
  • Full width dry bathroom at the rear.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6534

Sunliner Motorhome - Pinto 411

The Sunliner Pinto 411 is an extremely well designed and popular floor plan within the Sunliner range so what are you waiting for? Get in and view this outstanding motorhome today.

This particular Pinto is built on a rear wheel drive Renault Master chassis with a turbo diesel engine and automatic transmission. It is an absolute pleasure to drive and only requires a standard car license with a GVM of 4495.

  • Rear wheel drive Renault Master chassis.
  • Large dining area with a removable dinette.
  • Extremely popular drop down bed model.
  • Separated shower & toilet - rear dry bathroom layout.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6525

Sunliner 4x4 Motorhome - Habitat 3

Brand new Sunliner 4x4 Habitat 3 now in stock. The Habitat from Sunliner comes with everything you need in a 4x4 motorhome! Ford Ranger chassis, main bed over the cab, combined shower / toilet, kitchen, rear living that easily converts into a second bed.

  • Reliable Ford Ranger 4x4 chassis still drivable on a 'C' class license.
  • Diesel cooktop, hot water & heating.
  • Comfortable rear living with a U shaped lounge & centred dinette.
  • Rear easily converts into a second bed if needed.
Seats 2 | Sleeps 3 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6704

Avida Motorhome - Birdsville C7436

The drop down bed Avida Birdsville is a first for the Birdsville motorhome range. It offers an extremely functional floor plan with a large living and dining area built on a Fiat Ducato chassis while still only requiring a standard car license to drive.

  • Large midway living area with a drop down bed.
  • Tons of storage with many drawers/cupboards throughout.
  • 'C' class model - second bed over the cab.
  • Separated shower, toilet & vanity - rear dry bathroom.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 4 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6567

Sunliner Motorhome - Switch S502

Built on a Renault turbo diesel chassis with an automatic transmission this new Sunliner Switch S502 will provide you with a smooth driving experience while also a luxurious home away from home making your next RV holiday one you won’t forget.

  • Smooth driving on a Renault chassis.
  • Very comfortable and functional layout.
  • Reliable motorhome build by Sunliner RV.
  • Only requires a standard car license.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6192

Avida Motorhome - Birdsville B7342

Single bed Birdsville motorhome now in stock and on display. This Avida is an extremely popular layout with the two single beds at the rear and the front living/dining areas.

  • Peace of mind with leading Avida RV warranty & support.
  • Seats 4 & sleeps 2 while still drivable on a standard car license.
  • Very popular single bed model.
  • An extensive list of home features & comforts.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6573

Sunliner Motorhome - Switch S442

The Sunliner Switch S442 delivers a more compact motorhome however don’t let it’s size fool you, this RV comes packed with many features and even includes a slide out giving you a generous amount of extra space.

  • Built on a reliable Iveco Daily 45C chassis.
  • Smart and functional internal layout.
  • Australian built quality by Sunliner RV.
  • Plenty of home comforts to be found.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6172

Sunliner Motorhome - Switch S441

The Switch S441 is a stunning motorhome made by Sunliner with a fantastic drive away price and an amazing compact layout perfect for a couple that find themselves buying for the first time or just want a relaxing weekend getaway.

  • Perfect for first time motorhome buyers!
  • Excellent pricing for a new motorhome.
  • Built on a Renault chassis for reliability.
  • Spacious rear living area with a drop down bed.
Seats 2 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6625

Sunliner Motorhome - 4x4 Ranger

The Sunliner 4x4 Ranger is a beautifully designed RV made to travel down the busy streets of the city or the rough terrain that travelling Australia has to offer. Built on a Ford Ranger chassis all your expectations will be met plus more.

  • Excellent & solid Ford Ranger 4x4 chassis build.
  • Can be used as your everyday vehicle or travelling Australia.
  • Easier to drive being a more compact RV.
  • Travelling made easy without sacrificing any home comforts.
Seats 2 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6356

Avida Motorhome - Leura B6712

The Avida Leura is a more compact RV but that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing any comforts of a larger motorhome as Avida have cleverly designed the Leura to still include all those creature comforts!

  • Cleverly designed drop down bed area.
  • Compact, easy to drive and fuel efficient RV.
  • Very popular "B" class motorhome layout.
  • Avida quality and leading manufacturers warranty.
Seats 2 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6084

Sunliner Campervan - Vida 24

The Sunliner Vida 24 gives you a more compact campervan layout without sacrificing any of your home comforts. A bathroom, kitchen and large living and dining area may all be found in this Sunliner RV at a really attractive new campervan price!

  • Large rear living area that converts into a bed.
  • Side sliding door plus rear doors.
  • Smooth driving & easy to manoeuvre.
  • Diesel heater & hot water plus many other features.
Seats 2 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6710

Avida Campervan - Spirit V6012

The newest campervan to join the Avida range is now on display at our dealership! Meet the new Avida Spirit! Easy to manoeuvre and drive, innovative design, leading RV warranty and support all with a very attractive price tag, the Avida Spirit has you sorted!

  • Introducing the Spirit - brand new to the Avida RV range!
  • Reliable Fiat Ducato chassis that is easy to drive & manoeuvre.
  • Large living/dining area that also converts into a bed.
  • Leading RV warranty & support for peace of mind.
Seats 2 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 6343

Avida Esperance - B7944

The Avida drop bed Esperance is a relatively new model to join the existing, popular Esperance range but is already proving to be a best seller with a simple but yet very efficient home layout.

  • Newest luxurious model to join the Esperance range.
  • Very neat and tidy ultra leather fitting.
  • Very spacious living area with a drop down bed design.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: ORDER NOW

Avida Esperance - B7964SL

Peace of mind, style and reliability is what the Esperance B7964SL will give you, so you know you have made the right choice by buying an Avida, Australia's leading RV manufacturer.

  • Leading RV warranty and aftersales support.
  • Built with quality on the Iveco 50C17 chassis.
  • Popular and well designed single bed Esperance layout.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: ORDER NOW

Avida Motorhome - Eyre B7644

The Avida Eyre B7644 is a stylish and excellent motorhome built with all the features you need to hit the open road and travel Australia.

  • Home feature packed motorhome for you to hit the open road.
  • Ample storage space to be found including a full width rear storage compartment.
  • Luxury island bed at the rear which lifts up to become a walk in storage area.
  • Comfortable front living area with enough room to sit everybody.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: ORDER NOW

Avida Campervan - Escape V6414

This compact but at the same time spacious motorhome from the Avida Escape series will send you on your way to living your dream wherever that may be.

  • Large rear living area with a drop down bed.
  • Compact and very easy to drive.
  • Large side sliding door and two large rear doors.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: ORDER NOW

Sunliner Campervan - Vida 21

If you’re looking at buying a new campervan you simply can’t look past the Sunliner Vida range available. This specific model, the Vida 21 offers all the creature comforts at home with quite a spacious rear living area, check it out for yourself!

  • Spacious rear living area.
  • Stylish campervan finish by Sunliner RV.
  • Living area converts into bed.
Seats 2 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 5916
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